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Language Services for Businesses

Your quest for greatness has only just begun. A business presence across various locales demands an innate cultural knowledge for communication, which we carry in our stride.


Reflect your professionalism with every message that has flawless grammar and syntax, culturally relevant vocabulary and context-appropriate tone. Your business is a being of massive scale and thus, should only speak with inhuman perfection that is organically achieved. 


We make your communication flow through cultural nuance and relevant vocabulary that only local lived experience can achieve.


We recreate the messages that work best from straplines to visuals to medium and make them as effective in one locale and they are in another.


The human voice can only be best absorbed by the human ear. Our world-class interpreters capture every flavour and tone of communication for you.


The most important A/V content at your fingertips, in your language. Our process delivers flawless transcripts created by industry experts.


Breathe in clarity, breathe out noise interference. Cross borders and localize your video content with our subtitling service.

Voice Over

Authentic voice-overs reflect impeccable accents and intonations, which we deliver through our trained native language speakers.

Content Development

Strike the right note with targeted audiences by leveraging master content creators from their own

Editing & Proofreading

There's always a more suited word, sentence and tonality to enhance and cohere your content. Let the experts polish while you relax.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

As a leading DTP service provider, we standardise and beautify your content across various languages and platforms.


The translation profession is more than
2,000 years old!

Industries we serve

Our team of language experts allows us to provide our services to all major industries and professional fields. 
Below are some of the sectors that benefit from our language service.

Advertising, Marketing & PR

Advertising, Marketing, and PR translation is all about communicating your business’ brand messages to your audience effectively to drive sales.

Entertainment & Gaming

Our services enable you to grab viewers' & players’ attention worldwide with accurately translated & culturally apt entertainment and gaming content.

Banking &

Accurate translation of financial documents, forms, and transactions helps meet the expectations of your clients and customers easily, wherever they are.

Government & Administration

At home or abroad, Government agencies trust our ability to provide top quality linguists with high-level security clearances for sensitive projects.

Education and Training

Whether it is educating students or training staffs globally, use our translation to ensure your message and ethos can be understood around the world.

Hospitality & Travel

Hotel, tour operator, airline, or rental agency - communicating with your global audience in their language is paramount to grow your brand & profits.

IT &

Translating a software, app, or an IT process yourself can be a huge task and one that’s best taken on by technical translation and localization experts at TTG.

Legal &

With extensive knowledge of both legal terminologies and cultural nuances, TTG provides 100% accurate & legally acceptable translations across the globe.

Leisure &

Not only is accurate translation essential for the tourism industry to maintain good relationships with global clients and partners, it is what helps build brand loyalty.

Publishing & 

TTG provides world-class yet localized media content translations for news & media houses, publishers, and authors which requires conceptual exactness and terminological precision.

Retail &

Expanding into new markets or retaining existing ones requires an appreciation of cultures and language nuances. TTG provides a highly localized translation of marketing materials for your brand.

Technical & Manufacturing

We ensure you get the exact message from your technical documents, specifications, and manuals - delivered across a wide range of languages with careful scrutiny & technical knowledge

Image by Brooke Cagle

Only 27% of the internet speaks English!

Language Services for Individuals

Every individual of our time belongs to a globalised environment. Your horizons are only limited by language and cultural understanding, beyond which we’re all neighbours in the global village. Speak to your world and attain the freedom to travel, relocate, or communicate with speakers of any language. 

We provide translation services customized for individuals. A few common requirements for translation are:

  • Certificates

  • Immigration papers

  • Marks sheets

  • Legal reports

  • Legal letters

  • Naturalization papers

  • Birth certificates

  • Death certificates

  • Medical reports 

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