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Empowering Global Communication with Precision and Technology

TTG: Your bridge to global communication. We eliminate language barriers for businesses, individuals, and organizations. Our AI and native language experts deliver swift, precise, culturally nuanced translations, ensuring your message resonates worldwide.

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The Earliest Known Translation Dates Back to Around 2500 BCE in Mesopotamia

Two Worlds

Rooted in the legacy of JR Services, our parent brand with over 25 years of excellence in the Indian market, TTG inherits a rich tradition of linguistic expertise. While JR Services thrives in India, TTG extends its global reach, leveraging technology to break down language barriers for Indian & International clients.

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Our Approach

Guiding the TTG Way:
Where Values Lead

Our values drive every process in translation. Trust, Transparency, and Transformation are at our core. We embrace precision, integrity, and inclusivity to connect cultures worldwide. Choose TTG for messages that resonate and bridge divides.

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Semantics Matters

Precise wording is vital, especially in legal documents, where nuances affect meaning and interpretation.

Our Process

Translating Beyond Words - The TTG Way

At TTG, translation is an art and science. Our process, from analysis to quality assessment, ensures your message transcends language, resonating naturally and accurately. Join us in translating beyond words,

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Project Request

Translators evaluate client specifications, content, word count, and schedule. Upon acceptance, they formalize terms.

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Native, professional translators begin translation work, ensuring fluency and consistency.

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Project Analysis

Translators read, analyze, and understand source text, identifying style, purpose, and technical elements.

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Proofreading & QA

Translators review translations for completeness, style, and formatting.

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Terminology Research

Translators research words, clarify doubts, and build glossaries for accuracy.

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Language professionals perform a final review for clarity and naturalness. And we finally deliver the project on time.

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