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Video Game Translation Services

Video game translation services for the gaming industry, creating a global playing field for your video games across multiple regions and platforms. Elevate your gaming experience.

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The world's most common languages are not always the most lucrative for localization

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with TTG

As the gaming industry skyrockets to international fame and success, it's crucial to find common ground with the growing global gamer community. This highlights the need for game translation in multiple languages across various devices.

TTG's expert linguists tackle these challenges, ensuring the quality of your game translation remains intact. With proficiency in developing and translating games in over 100 global languages and expertise in video game translation, our linguists seamlessly translate your games into the language of your target market.

We cover all game-related content for your global audience, including:

  • Online Games

  • Game Websites

  • Mobile Games

  • Console and PC Games

  • Gaming Software

  • Gaming Controls and GUIs

  • Promotional Material

  • Gaming Brochures

  • Newsletters

  • Gaming Instructions

TTG enhances your gaming content, making it accessible and engaging for gamers worldwide.

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